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At Beyond Physiotherapy in Surrey Newton, Fleetwood, and Langley, our Kinesiologist works with clients after motor vehicle accidents and puts them on track to get back to work. Our physiotherapists and kinesiologists are trained in car accident injury recovery and have the tools to help you recover for all types of motor vehicle injuries.

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident that has left you in pain? Beyond Physiotherapy in Surrey and Langley can help provide the relief you need to start feeling better! Contact us in Surrey, Fleetwood, and Langley to learn more about our kinesiology and active rehabilitation services, and how they can help you get back to performing your job, free of pain and discomfort.

How Can Beyond Physiotherapy Help Me?

Active rehabilitation is a holistic approach to pain management that helps tons of people every day.

At Beyond Physiotherapy in Surrey, Fleetwood, and Langley, our Kinesiologist will work with you to create a customized exercise plan through an initial assessment that is personalized to your specific job demands and daily physical movements.

The customized plan will focus on the necessary target areas to ensure a smoother transition to recovery. The goal of physiotherapy and rehabilitation is to help you become pain-free and not dependent on medications to mediate the discomfort you may be feeling after your accident.

Specific benefits to physiotherapy, and/or seeing a kinesiologist after a motor vehicle accident include:

Reducing Pain

Therapy can help reduce pain. Manual therapy and therapeutic exercises pump oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injury site and enhances healing. Every exercise and stretch prescribed by a physiotherapist has a specific goal for recovery and improves function and mobility. Our therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan targeted to your injury.

Restoring Function

Physiotherapy can also restore function in patients with old car accident injuries, even if you haven’t been in one recently. You can still benefit from rehab even if you had an injury years ago. Using cardiovascular rehab techniques and strength training, it can help relieve old pain and improve mobility. Plus, it’s a non-invasive treatment, and you won’t wind up having to rely on pain medications for relief.

Curing Vertigo

Kinesiologists can even treat vertigo due to a car accident. Frequently – in as little as one treatment, they can fix a dysfunction in the vestibular system.

Avoiding Surgery

Therapy also helps you avoid surgery. It strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which protect the body’s structures. It’s also a much more cost-effective solution.

Additionally, another goal is to learn the range of motion limitations and restore them through active rehabilitation. Our Kinesiologists’ work will prioritize learning any potential barriers you may have with movement and educate you on the importance of integrating exercises into your daily routine.

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If you have been in a motor vehicle accident resulting in an injury that has kept you out of work for some time, contact our clinic in Newton, Surrey, Fleetwood, and Langley today to start receiving the care you deserve through active rehabilitation with one of our licensed kinesiologists. We’re here to help you get back to work and feeling your best!

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